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Our Executive Chef originally named the Shrimp Ladle, created the Wok Lobster as a last-minute homework assignment in 2018. Our goal is to focus on flavors, community and having fun while paying homage to culture and foods that inspire us. We started by working with Fooda in Nashville, Tennessee as a lunch pop-up where we were nominated for best lunch in our first three months as the offices began to have employees work from home due to the COVID pandemic we were forced to pack up and head back to Alabama. We offered lunch delivery, pop-ups, and catering before deciding to go mobile and move toward a food trailer. Our orange and red trailer named “Wocko Ladle” that we can’t wait to share with communities, families, and festivals for everyone to enjoy. We believe in serving as a community to help inspire and shape the future of tomorrow. Our team is so happy as we  prepare to hit the streets and share this unique fusion of flavors with you!

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